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Hydrogen Production Ammonia Cracker Plant Glass Floating Line Steel Industry

Hydrogen Production Ammonia Cracker Plant Glass Floating Line Steel Industry

  • Hydrogen Production Ammonia Cracker Plant Glass Floating Line Steel Industry
Hydrogen Production Ammonia Cracker Plant Glass Floating Line Steel Industry
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Suzhou, China
Brand Name: Since
Model Number: ANH
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Normal exported wooden case
Delivery Time: 2 months after received down payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 sets/year
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Ammonia Cracker Plant Material: Carbon Steel/stainless Steel
Capacity: 5~1000Nm3 Purity: 99.5~99.999%
Dew Point: -70 Power Feature: Low Power Consuption
Supply Power: 380V/460V/415V/3P/50/60 Hz Output Pressure: ≤0.05Mpa
Application: Heat Treatment , Glass Floating, Steel Industry Etc
High Light:

Ammonia Cracker Plant 1000Nm3


Carbon steel Ammonia Cracker Plant


Heat Treatment Ammonia Cracker Plant

Ammonia Cracking, Hydrogen Production, For Glass Floating Lines, Steel Industry


Ammonia Cracking, Hydrogen Production, For Glass Floating Lines, Steel Industry

Hydrogen is indispensable for the bright hardening of metals. But, viewed from the standpoint of safety,
hydrogen gas is by no means a good atmosphere. Dissociated ammonia atmosphere or
forming gas is the only furnace atmosphere that can make up the demerits of hydrogen and function
nearly 100% as if it were hydrogen gas. There are cases where forming gas cannot replace pure
hydrogen, but such cases are very rare. For almost all applications involved, developing a gas atmosphere
will answer the purpose.
An ammonia cracker, NH3-Cracker, or hydrogen generator is used for the production of forming gas. Hydrogen
and Nitrogen is generated in a cost-effective way in a volume ratio of 3: 1 or in a weight ratio of 14 : 3.



Hydrogen Production Ammonia Cracker Plant Glass Floating Line Steel Industry 0
The NH3 is coming from bottles or from an ammonia tank. The ammonia gas is preheated in a heat
exchanger and vaporizer and then cracked in the central furnace unit. The furnace is electrically
heated by special LGO heating elements.

The dissociation of ammonia gas NH3 takes place at a temperature of 920°C in the presence of a
special nickel catalyst in an electrically heated furnace.
                                 2NH3------------N2 + 3 H2
The cracked gas then passes the heat exchanger for cooling and preheating the incoming gas.
This way and in combination with the low power consuming LGO heating
elements, it can be made sure that only a minimum of electricity has to be used for the cracking process.

Technical figures;

The gas made in this method is a good protective gas that can be used widely in the semiconductor
industry, metallurgical industry, and other industries and scientific research that need protective gas.
1. Ammonia is easy to decompose: With not very high pressure, under catalysts, and
a temperature controlled at 750~800ºC, the ammonia will nearly completely decompose, with the
decomposing rate reaching 99.9%.
2. Easy to refine the gas: As the raw material, the liquid ammonia is of very high purity. The volatile
impurities are only little inert gas and water dissolved in the liquid ammonia and there is nearly no
oxygen. Meanwhile, under such conditions, ammonia decomposition is irreversible. So the water
can be removed by adsorbing with a dew point of -60 ºC while the gas doing through the 5A molecular
sieve. In this way, the nonmetallic elements, for example, chlorine and oxygen which are unpopular in
the semiconductor industry can be removed.
3. In China, the liquid ammonia as raw material is accessible at a low price, and the raw material
consumption is also relatively smaller (In theory, each Kg of ammonia can create 2.64 Nm3 mixed gas).


Properties and Characteristics: 

1) Save water and electricity: No water is used in the ammonia decomposing process, thus saving 

water effectively; The heat generated from the decomposition reaction is used to preheat the ammonia 

so as to save electricity. 
2) Resistance wire can be replaced quickly: It can be replaced only within a few minutes, with no need to 

stop the gas production process. Therefore, the case of shutting down the furnace to cool down and 

then opening the furnace to replace the resistance wire is avoided. 
3) Low investment and convenient use: Matured technology, compact structure, low space requirement 

and no need for construction investment, easy operation, low price, or high economy to extract the pure 

hydrogen; In order to generate hydrogen on the spot, the only thing to do is to connect power and gas 

4) Wide application scope: It can satisfy the need of most hydrogen use, especially in the dominating 

fields of heat treatment, powder metallurgy, electronics, and so on. 
5) Low operation cost: Less investment, liquid ammonia as the source is cheap, low energy consumption, 

high efficiency, low operation cost; It is the most economical source of the mixed protective atmosphere 

of nitrogen and hydrogen.




Ammonia Cracker Plant Parameters


Name: Ammonia Cracker Plant Feature: Easy Operation
Material: Carbon Steel/stainless Steel Capacity: 5-1000Nm3/h
Dew Point: -70℃ Supply Power: 380V/460V/415V/3P/50/60 Hz


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