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Anticorrosive Compressive Composite Material Stainless Steel Thickness 5 - 30mm

Anticorrosive Compressive Composite Material Stainless Steel Thickness 5 - 30mm

  • Anticorrosive Compressive Composite Material Stainless Steel Thickness 5 - 30mm
  • Anticorrosive Compressive Composite Material Stainless Steel Thickness 5 - 30mm
Anticorrosive Compressive Composite Material Stainless Steel Thickness 5 - 30mm
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YUNSHENG
Certification: CE, GB
Model Number: DZ
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: According to actual project
Price: according to actual project, generally 20-30% cost savings over conventional materials
Packaging Details: Packaging suitable for export transportation
Delivery Time: 45days after payment
Supply Ability: 200000tons/year
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Detailed Product Description
Pipe Diameter: 150-1600mm Thickness: 5-30mm
Technique: Hot Rolled Life: 100years
Application: Petrochemical Surface Treatment: No Special Surface Treatment To Be Required
Standard: GB Trade Term: EXW,FOB
Size: Customized
High Light:

1600mm Material Stainless Steel


Anticorrosive Material Stainless Steel


Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Pipe

Anticorrosive and compressive composite material stainless steel with a thickness of 5-30mm



Petrochemical industry, aviation fuel pipelines, pressure vessels, water pipelines, building structures, foundations


Product Introduction:

Double sided stainless steel clad steel pipes are hot-rolled using carbon steel as the intermediate base and stainless steel as the inner and outer cladding through a special composite process. It is characterized by high mechanical strength, strong resistance to extrusion and common impact, dual use of cold and hot, corrosion resistance, and no pollution. Due to its advantages such as almost no maintenance during use and a service life of up to 100 years, it is increasingly widely used around the world, and can be widely used in water supply, river water supply, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, chemical enterprises, oil and gas transportation, and other fields.
Double-sided stainless steel composite materials are mainly made into water pipelines (304 stainless steel inner and outer cladding) and chemical pipelines (316L and 2205 stainless steel inner and outer cladding). The pipe diameter is 150-1600mm, and the pipe wall thickness varies from 5-30mm. The variety and thickness of the stainless steel cladding inside and outside the composite steel pipe can be customized according to customer requirements.



Product Specification for Large Diameter Double Sided Stainless Steel Composite Pipe 


No. Nominal Diameter (mm) External Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm)   No. Nominal Diameter (mm) External Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm)
1 DN150 DN159 5   15 DN700 DN720 5
2 DN200 DN219 5   16 DN700 DN720 6
3 DN300 DN325 5   17 DN700 DN720 7
4 DN300 DN325 6   18 DN800 DN820 6
5 DN300 DN325 7   19 DN800 DN820 8
6 DN400 DN426 5   20 DN900 DN920 7
7 DN400 DN426 6   21 DN900 DN920 8
8 DN400 DN426 7   22 DN1000 DN1020 8
9 DN500 DN530 5   23 DN1000 DN1020 10
10 DN500 DN530 6   24 DN1100 DN1120 8
11 DN500 DN530 7   25 DN1100 DN1120 10
12 DN600 DN630 5   26 DN1200 DN1220 8
13 DN600 DN630 6   27 DN1200 DN1220 11
14 DN600 DN630 7          


Pipe Material Comparison 





Composite method









Lined with stainless steel

Composite steel pipe







Mechanical complex


The disadvantage is that :

(1) Due to the low bonding force of the inner and outer layers, as a long-term transportation pipeline, due to the different thermal expansion coefficients inside and outside, the thermal stress caused by temperature changes is concentrated on the welded part of the pipeline joint, resulting stress corrosion problems that cannot be overcome;

(2) The composition difference between the inner prefabricated thin-walled tube and the base material leads to Increased risk of electrochemical corrosion;

(3) Once a corrosion leak occursIt cannot be repaired by welding, and the corrosive liquid will spread along the entire bonded layer gap in a large area;

(4) The non-destructive testing of welds is complex,need to useX-Rays(RT) detected twice, after completing the second welding and the cover welding, it can be ensured that there are no defects in the weld;

(5) Under high temperature environments, due to the difference in expansion coefficient between carbon steel and stainless steel layers and the presence of interlayer gases, the inner cladding layer is unstable and bubbles occur;

(6) Lined welded pipe is in welded and cold-worked state, so that reduces its corrosion resistance;

(7) Mechanically bonded structure making it cold and hot processing cannot be used to manufacture elbows, tees and other accessories.




Double-sided stainless steel

Composite steel pipe






The advantages of overcoming the above disadvantages of lined stainless steel composite steel pipes, include:

(1) Can utilize tubing On-site production of small-angle elbows;

(2) Can open holes at any position to connect branch lines or instruments;

(3) once the pipeline’s if a point is damaged and leaks, only the point needs to be repaired;

(4) Weld seam non-destructive testing is simple, only need to only once after cover welding;

(5) High bonding strength, strong oxidation resistance and high corrosion resistance, cold and hot processing can be used, and the elbow accessories are complete.







Anticorrosive Compressive Composite Material Stainless Steel Thickness 5 - 30mm 0



Experimental data of double-sided stainless steel composites

Anticorrosive Compressive Composite Material Stainless Steel Thickness 5 - 30mm 1



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