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How to Select Nitrogen Source?

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How to Select Nitrogen Source?

How to Select Nitrogen Source?


1. In fact, there are several ways to supply nitrogen, including gas fractionation tower, purchase bottled nitrogen from gas company, purchase liquid nitrogen from gas company and on-site nitrogen (N2 generator).


2. Gas companies or end users that use a lot of nitrogen can be equipped with gas fractionators, which work by compressing the air to liquify it and then fractionating it at different boiling points of nitrogen and oxygen. This kind of equipment occupies a large area and is huge invest, which is not suitable for ordinary enterprises.


3. Small gas users can purchase cylinder nitrogen from gas companies. Nitrogen is stored in high-pressure cylinders and transported directly to the gas point for use. Bottled nitrogen has the advantages of being flexible and convenient. However, it has the disadvantages of high risk, high cost, troublesome transportation and storage. If bottled nitrogen is no longer enough for current production, you should purchase liquid nitrogen from a gas company or use on-site nitrogen production.


4. Use liquid nitrogen tanks or dewar tanks to store liquid nitrogen and turn it into gaseous nitrogen when you need it, decompress and heat it up and use it again. Liquid nitrogen has the characteristics of convenience and quick use, but the liquid nitrogen in storage tank needs to be supplemented frequently, which also brings trouble and pressure to procurement and transportation. At the same time, the long-term use of liquid nitrogen, high cost, transportation trouble, and affected by the supply source is great overall investment.


5. On-site nitrogen production has Membrane separation nitrogen (Membrane) and Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen(PSA) production machine.


(1) Membrane separation nitrogen machine is a high-tech technology rising in the 1980s. The device uses air as raw material and a hollow fiber membrane for separation, using oxygen and nitrogen to penetrate the membrane tissue at different rates - water and oxygen can pass through but nitrogen cannot. Nitrogen produced by membrane separation is of low purity, generally 95-99.9%. And the membrane separation nitrogen machine energy consumption, and its core component a hollow fiber membrane mainly rely on imports, high price, long delivery cycle, equipment follow-up maintenance trouble.


(2) PSA nitrogen making machine mainly carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, compressed air as the main raw material, the use of oxygen and nitrogen adsorption rate is different, carbon molecular sieve preferentially adsorb oxygen, and nitrogen is mostly concentrated in the non-adsorption phase, to achieve the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, we need to get the gas. Using the principle and process of pressure swing adsorption, the twin adsorption towers are used for parallel adsorption alternately. One tower works and the other tower regeneration, continuous nitrogen production. The purity of 98-99.99% qualified product gas may be taken at one time.


Nitrogen produced by PSA nitrogen making mechanism can be further deoxygenated by nitrogen purification device, and 99.9999%, that is, high purity and high quality nitrogen with oxygen content below 1ppm, can be obtained.

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