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Carburizing Heat Treatment RX Gas Generator With Capacity 40 - 1600 Nm3/H

Carburizing Heat Treatment RX Gas Generator With Capacity 40 - 1600 Nm3/H

  • Carburizing Heat Treatment RX Gas Generator With Capacity 40 - 1600 Nm3/H
Carburizing Heat Treatment RX Gas Generator With Capacity 40 - 1600 Nm3/H
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Suzhou,China
Brand Name: SINCE-GAS
Model Number: RX-G
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Normal exported wooden case
Delivery Time: 2 months after received down payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200 sets/year
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Detailed Product Description
Raw Material: Natural Gas Capacity: 40-160 Nm3/h
Certificate: /BV/CCS/ISO/TS Dew Point: -70 ℃
Application: Heat Treatment Industry Reaction: Carburizing Heat Treatment
Payment: T/T
High Light:

Carburizing RX Gas Generator


RX Gas Generator 40 Nm3/H


RX Gas Generator 1600 Nm3/H

Carburizing Heat Treatment RX Gas Generator With Capacity 40-1600 Nm3/H For Heat Treatment Workshop


Rx gas generator principle

It is a device that generates RX gas by mixing feed gas (natural gas or propane) and air in proportion and passing it into a reactor with catalyst at high temperature.
RX gas can be used in wire spheroidization degradation, carburizing and quenching of automobile parts and other processes.



Atmosphere type of carburizing heat treatment

1. Endothermic atmosphere

The feed gas is: natural gas plus air, which is introduced into the 1000-1100C generator, and is burned and reduced under the action of catalyst

Reaction to obtain 20:40:40 gas components.

Advantages: stable use, constant CO value, methane content in the gas is about 1%, and the furnace is not easy to deposit carbon. Gas cost phase

It is lower than the nitrogen and methanol atmosphere, especially under the condition that high-quality natural gas can be obtained cheaply in China at present, and the same 20:

Compared with the nitrogen methanol atmosphere composed of 40:40 gas, it has a certain operating cost advantage. Although Endo-gas is the first to be used

It is still popular in the field of controllable atmosphere carburization.

Disadvantages: it needs to invest in the generator, and the investment in fixed assets is large; The generator needs to burn carbon every week, so it is better to have one spare

Generator used


2. Nitrogen and methanol atmosphere:

It was initially developed by imitating endothermic gas components, which are also 20:40:40 components, and then different nitrogen partial pressures

This change, especially the appearance of pure methanol atmosphere in the later stage, CO: H2=33:66, in which case the diffusion coefficient of carburization is increased

High, carburizing speed is 15% - 25% faster than 20:40:40 atmosphere. At present, pure methanol atmosphere is widely used in domestic Fengdong series equipment,

Aixielin Department mainly uses 20:40:40 atmosphere.

Advantages: stable atmosphere components, constant CO value; The methane content of furnace gas is also about 1%, which is not easy to accumulate carbon; Methanol atmosphere infiltration


Disadvantages: high requirements for methanol quality and high cost of methanol. In addition, for non-muffle equipment, the problem of methanol vaporization needs to be solved, if

The local carbon potential is too high when methanol drips directly onto the workpiece before it is vaporized. When used below 800C, methanol cracking cannot be completed

Complete, easy to deposit carbon in furnace contents



3. Direct generation atmosphere:

IPSEN's patent can be understood as natural gas (or propane, acetone, etc.) and air in the absence of furnace

After mixing, it is introduced into the furnace for reaction, and the reaction is incomplete. Because the air flow is changing, fixed components and gases cannot be obtained

The components will change with temperature and carbon potential.

Advantages: the gas input is very small, and the gas consumption cost is very low. If the feed gas is acetone and air, the penetration rate can be increased.

Disadvantages: CO infrared analyzer must be equipped to measure CO value online, and special oxygen probe must be equipped to accurately measure carbon

Potential; The applicable temperature is limited. The direct-generated atmosphere contains high CH4, and the atmosphere composition, especially the CH4 content, is affected by temperature

The noise is loud. The direct-generated atmosphere of natural gas/air type cannot be obtained under 850 ℃ due to high CH4 content

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